sanasasanasa asked:
Hey just wanted to say I love your blog :)

Thank ya, thank ya! :)

Anonymous asked:
u get panic attacks??

Yep.  REAL TALK for a sec lol.  I used to get panic attacks in high school a lot.  I never knew why…..till I came out and they stopped.  It was weird.   I had no idea that the stress of not being true to myself with people was actually mentally affecting me significantly.   They stopped and I hadn’t had one since unless I was on a plane or something (cause I’m terrified of flying) - but usually I take something to calm me down before I fly lol.  

So yeah, today, out of the blue, got a panic attack, passed out.  Couldn’t talk myself out of it.  I have to say it is literally one of the most terrifying things to be so nervous and hyperventilating and feeling like you have no control over your body.  My arms, legs went numb and I couldn’t do anything.  I’m good now tonight, got my friends around me to talk haha.  

SO YES, I do suffer from panic attacks.  Idk if they ever really go away, and I’m still struggling to find a way to truly calm myself.  If you suffer from them I wish you the best of luck.

getting out of a panic attack is incredibly difficult

Spraaaanngg breakkkkk. #yolo


so much porn, so little sex

Louis actually looks like a serial killer in the You & I video.  I thought he was gonna pull a knife.